AUTOTHERM offers the right microprocessor control for every chamber. The microprocessors are especially configured for the respective units. Particular attention is paid to ensuring the controls are easy to handle for users.

AM 3023, Touchpanel TP, F3000

These controls are suitable for our universal smoking and steam-smoke chambers. Up to 100 programs can be programmed, each with up to 100 steps. The controls display the setpoint and the actual value.

The chamber temperature, relative humidity, core temperature, F value, C value and the step time can be entered as the setpoint value. The F 3000 control and the touchpanel TP can display the progress of the program graphically on the screen. Many special functions can be freely configured in all controls.

AM 2017


The AM 2017 control is used in defrosting rooms, cooking and baking chambers, intensive cooling chambers, cold-smoking chambers and climatic storage rooms. The setpoint and actual values and the program name are displayed alternately in a text field. The following can be entered: chamber temperature, relative humidity, core temperature, outside temperature, (surface temperature in thawing units) F value, C value and the step time.

AUTOTHERM VISUNET for AM 2017, AM 3023 and Touchpanel

The AUTOTHERM VISUNET log program can be used to connect up to 48 units to a central PC workstation.

AUTOTHERM VISUNET enables operating, programming, displaying, recording, monitoring and logging from a central PC and therefore establishes the basis for quality assurance to EN ISO 9000.
VISUNET is used to register and record centrally all process data for each individual batch. The recorded data of each individual batch can be call up on the screen of the PC as a coloured chart or can be printed out.


The SVS visualisation software can be adapted to all customer wishes. The software operates on LON-bus basis, is freely configurable and fully network compatible. Application examples are linked program, product and user tables or the connection of barcode scanner systems.