Controlled climate storage and maturing chambers from AUTOTHERM can be easily installed in existing rooms.

The air treatment takes place inside or outside the chamber, optionally behind, next to or on the chamber ceiling.

AUTOTHERM controlled climate storage and curing chambers ensure a constant climate during the ripening of the pro-ducts.

Electronic registration of temperature and rel. humidity ensures perfect program sequences, easy operation, low energy consumption and flexibility.

For reaching the best result!

A triplex duct is mounted onto the ceiling of the chamber. This duct consists of 3 individual ducts (2 x supply air, 1 x return air). A continuous air-reversing flap ensures a constantly alternating air supply. This produces a constant change in airflow direction. In addition, the discharge velocities also change with the changing air pressure. This means that all areas of the storage room chamber are treated extremely uniformly. In the AUTOTHERM controlled climate storage and maturing rooms the air circulation is absolutely uniform. The air conditioning units can be installed in, above or behind the chamber.

If the customer requires, Autotherm provides a continuously adjustable electronic speed and external air control (CES), and a process-optimising and energy-saving processor control (AEC) for optimised production. The units can also be equipped with an automatic cleaning system for the interior and all of the air ducts. The addition of an UVC degerminating unit to the central air conditioner unit is especially useful for controlled climate storage chambers. It not only reduces germ infestation in all circulated room air considerably, but also prevents the growth and infestation with yeast, mould and other bacteria on the fins of the cooling evaporator. This lengthens the cleaning intervals considerably.

Video Climatisation, Ripening And Drying


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  • Naturally cured and smoked raw sausage products and preserved meats
  • Salami, ham
  • Bacon, belly
  • Mould cheeses and salami, dried meat

  • Curing
  • Drying
  • Storage

  • Temperature range:
    +12°C to +18°C
  • Relative humidity: 70% to 85%
  • Other values also possible on request!

Technical information

Unit:  Controlled climate storage and curing chambers
Heater:  Electric, Steam, Hot water
Cooling:  Freon, Ammonia, Brine-glycol
Moistening:  Water/Steam
Voltage: 230/400V 50Hz
Trolley size: 100 x 102 x 198 cm
Trolleys per unit: 1-200
Capacity/Trolley: approx. 200-250 kg
Chamber types  PU foam panels with stainless steelor plastic surface or brickwork
Control:  Microprocessor