Cold smoking chambers from AUTOTHERM can be easily installed in existing rooms. The air treatment takes place outside the chamber, optionally behind, next to or on the chamber ceiling. A continuous air-reversing flap ensures a constantly alternating air supply between the two especially designed and adjust- able supply air ducts. The intake through a return air duct ensures uniform and optimum air circulation. This concept ensures absolutely uniform ambient conditions – which are required for top quality products. Energy saving technology such as the external air control (CES) , processor controlled process optimisation (AEC) and speed control for the air circulation fan can be installed on request. The units are also equipped with an automatic cleaning system for the interior and smoke ducts. A microprocessor controls the whole program sequence and the process parameters. Various smoke generators from the AUTOTHERM product range are available. Exhaust air cleaning systems can be added to eliminate the smoke.

AUTOTHERM cold smoke chambers in element construction system

AUTOTHERM supplies you with complete cold smoke units with surrounding walls, doors, ceilings made of stainless steel units, optionally with or without a floor.The equipment sets are also positioned according to the circumstances on site.

For best flavor!

Tailormade solutions for artisan businesses

AUTOTHERM provides cold smoke chambers with a capacity of 150 kg per batch especially for small artisan firms. These chambers are also equipped with automatic smoke generators and microprocessor controls.

Video Cold Smoking Chambers


Screenshot from our Product video


  • Naturally cured and smoked raw sausage products and preserved meats
  • Salami, ham
  • Bacon, belly

  • Cold smoking
  • Hot smoking
  • Steaming
  • Reddening
  • Curing
  • Drying

  • Temperature range:
    +18°C to +28°C
  • Relative humidity: 75% to 99%
  • Other values also possible on request!

Technical information

Unit: Controlled climate smoking and curing chambers
Heater: Electric, Steam, Hot water
Cooling: Freon, Ammonia, Brine-glycol
Humidification: Water/Steam
Voltage: 230/400V, 50Hz
Trolley size: 100 x 102 x 198 cm
Trolleys per unit: 1-40
Capacity/Trolley: approx. 200-250 kg
Chamber types Stainless steel panels or brickwork
Control: Microprocessor
Waste gas cleaning: Catalytic or thermal afterburning (electrically or gas heated)