AUTOTHERM fish smoking chambers provide you with the optimum conditions for hot-smoking, cold-smoking, drying, cooking and boiling all types of fish. AUTOTHERM fish smoking chambers are made especially for each customer, taking into account your individual process requirements, the structural circumstances on site and the planned batch size. Designed for uniform and fast drying processes, different types of fans and possibly speed control ensure product-optimised results. Variable technical equipment and different types of smoke generation ensure high-quality smoked products. Depending on the type of unit the air is circulated horizontally or vertically, through central air conditioning or with ceiling fans.

AUTOTHERM Fish Smoking chambers with horizontal air flow

This particular design, for products laid flat only, offers you optimum utilisation of the smoker trolley capacity with simultaneously optimum process cycle. The air is passed across the layers of the smoker trolley from the side. An air-reversing flap continuously changes the direction of the air flow. This achieves uniform drying and smoking on all levels of the smoker trolley.

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AUTOTHERM fish smoking chambers with air reversing flap system

In fish smoking chambers with vertical air flow it is possible to integrate a special air changing flap system. This enables flexible hanging products and products laid flat (up to 12 layers) to be treated optimally.

Video Fish Smoking Chambers


Screenshot from our Product Video


  • Trout, eel
  • Mackerel, rose fish/red perch, flounder, sprats, herrings
  • Salmon, trout fillets
  • Halibut, etc.
  • Pangasius

  • Drying
  • Heating
  • Cold, warm and hot-smoking
  • Cooking
  • Boiling
  • Baking

  • Temperature range:
    +30°C to +90°C, Without cooling
    +18°C to +90°C, With cooling
  • Other values also possible on request!