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The steam-smoking method further developed by AUTOTHERM is especially suitable for effective production of hot-smoked products.

The transfer of smoke by means of condensation on the products to be treated achieves fast and uniform smoking with incomparably low weight losses.

The smoke colour of the products treated with STEAM-SMOKE is extremely colour stable and cannot be washed off either with water or with steam.

The steam and smoke mixture is soot-free and carcinogenic benzo(a)pyrene is hardly detectable.

The lower weight loss compared to traditional smoking methods makes this process extremely economical and the payback period extremely short. These advantages have also been confirmed by independent institutes.

The short smoking times enable a steam smoke generator to be connected to up to three smoking units (with max.4 trolley); this cuts the investment costs. The microprocessors controls the smoke supply to the three units fully automatically. All units are available with waste gas cleaning systems (catalytic afterburner, filtersystem or condenser).

The steam-smoke generator principle


The steam-smoke generator principle
Steamsmoke is procuced by means of superheated steam, which penetrates the wood chips. All color and flavoring ingredients of the chips are extracted and conducted into the chamber as steam smoke.

• fast
• color proof
• minimal weight loss
• accurate regulation

AUTOTHERM customers worldwide value the advantages of the steam smoke system.

Due to the extremely short smoking times
of the AUTOTHERM steam-smoke process and the
natural moisture, the steam-smoke reduces smoking
times by up to 40% and weight losses by up to 3% compared
to conventional smoke systems.


3 trolleys
AUTOTHERM steam smoke chamber
3 x 200 kg = 600 kg/batch
8 h/day= 4 batches x 600 kg = 2400 kg
with 3% less weight loss, this means:
3% of 2,400kg = 72kg/days x 2.50 €/kg
= 180.00 €/day = 3,865.00 €/month
= 45.360,00 €/year


  • cooked or boiled sausages
  • Hot-smoked meat and sausage
    products such as Frankfurters,
    Lyoner, Wiener and Knacker
  • Kassler (gammon), cooked ham

  • Reddening
  • Drying
  • Smoking
  • Cooking

  • Temperature range:
    +45°C to +90°C
  • Relative humidity: up to 99%
  • Other values possible on request!

Technical information

Unit: Steam-smoke units
Heater: Electric, Steam, Oil/Gas
Humidification: Water/Steam
Voltage: 230/400V 50Hz
Trolley size: 100 x 102 x 198 cm
Trolleys per unit: 1-10
Capacity per trolley: approx. 200 – 250 kg
Type: Stainless steel panels
Control: Microprocessor
Waste gas cleaning: condenser, Catalytic after-burner (gas or electrically heated)

On the customer’s request the units can be equipped with electronic speed control, an additional electric heater for baking up to 150°C, a shower system and automatic door opener.