AUTOTHERM intensive cooling chambers are to be combined with smoking and cooking chambers. The result is an automatic continuous process unit, in which the DRYING, SMOKING, COOKING and COOLING steps are run through fully automatically. Cooling is automated and takes place, without any loss of time, immediately following the cooking. This prevents contamination with germs and bacteria from the ambient air.
After cooking the smoke trolleys are pushed into the cooling zone by a hydraulic conveyor system. An automatic door hermetically seals the cooling zone and the cooling process starts.

Always in motion!

At the same time, the smoking zone can be reloaded. These chambers are very flexible, as standard floor-running smoke trolleys are used and all kinds of different products can be treated consecutively. This effective combination of 2 process steps can also be used for a cooking and/or pasteurising chamber with an intensive cooling chamber. On the customer’s request the chamber can be equipped with electronic speed control, a shower system and automatic door opener.